Monday, November 16, 2009

Amazing Weekend with MeRa Koh and Brian

This is Ruby my daughter and grandma is playing this little piggy with her little piggies. Papa is the background he is just relaxing feeling the breeze on a hot day on our family vacation. What emotion do you get when you see this photo? It makes me smile thinking of the love they have for Ruby and the gentleness captured in this playful but quiet moment.
This is my husband and his dad. Look at this picture what emotion do you feel? I see a son catching a soft glimpse of his dad in this classic car his dad just refurbished. Refurbished meaning to make something old new again. You know its not new its still old but a newer older model. Just like Father and Son.

I had the privilege to spend the weekend with 20 creative and talented women and MeRa Koh the Celebrity photographer and her husband Brian. I won a contest called running on empty and had some sweet friends and family nominate me in the running and I won! The contest was a ticket to a workshop (CONFIDENCE) with MeRa Koh and Brian, and if you know anything about photography you would know MeRa is one of the best I have ever seen. She has had many awards for her work, she has built a camera for SONY, and Her images capture a beauty and emotions that are a tell tale of this woman's soul! Frank and I meet MeRa and Brian at there house for a meet and greet on Friday night and she is so much more amazing in person. We were so surprised of how down to earth, giving, generous, and happy they both are. MeRa laughs fill the room with sunshine and is so contagious. I had a full two days of just sitting under her and Brian's tips and teaching about photography. More than that, I learned so much about me the artist child within. I left inspired and ready for action and CONFIDENT. There were so many tears and laughter and bonding done this weekend that made me just realize this is something else I was created for. Storytelling through photographs.

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